Commodore 64 (C64) Preservation ProjectCommodore 64 (C64) Preservation Project
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These pages represent a project that I have thought about and started at different times for years, but never previously had the inclination to fully organize. I am a Network Engineer from Augusta, Georgia, USA that grew up in the 8-bit computing era during the reign of the Commodore 64.

My original goal was probably that of a lot of retro users. I wanted to recollect all the games I had for the C64 when I was a kid, which for most part were games that I either copied (or later cracked) from friends in the Northeastern Ohio area. It always bothered me when I got a copy of a game where the text was edited with silly "BROKEN BY" phrases, so I would always remove them and put in the original text. Later, we were inundated with the "intro demo" which usually saw the loss of the title screens and original loading graphics. I sought to remove those as well.

After discovering the MNIB project, I decided it was better to just try to collect all the games as they were originally distributed. That way you avoid any errors or missed protection checks that the 'cracker' left behind. This opened up into the can of worms you see on the site today. :)

This project is all done in my own spare time with my own money. If you appreciate the amount of work that went into it, please donate whatever you see fit.
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