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This page is dedicated to keeping track of the Apple ]['s that are still alive and well and in the hands of collectors around the world. Perhaps we can find who has the earliest and the latest serial numbers once and for all?

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Power Indicators

BadgeKeyboardCase SerialBoard RevBoard SerialOwnerLocation
A2S-001648011Ellie ParcellsNewark, Delaware
A2S1-0001Rev 0UnknownUnknownCalifornia
According to legend, belonged to Alfred Aya, but was lost when sent into Apple for power supply repair. http://www.swtpc.com/mholley/Apple/allied_computer.htm
A2S1-0002Rev 0UnknownJef RaskinCalifornia
According to legend, belonged to Michael Holley, and later Jef Raskin after it was sent in for failed power supply repair. http://www.swtpc.com/mholley/Apple/allied_computer.htm
A2S1-0010Rev. 01-178Liza LoopCalifornia
Donated to her by Steve Wozniak.
A2S1-0013Rev. 01-202Bob BishopCalifornia
Sold on eBay 12/15/15 http://www.ebay.com/itm//351599869741
A2S1-0025Rev. 01-219Achim BaquéGermany
White ceramic CPU and white ceramic BIOS. Original unvented case.
A2S1-0047Rev 01-243unknownunknown
Sold on eBay 6/10/2013 http://www.ebay.com/itm/181152615614
A2s1-0062rev 01-258Dave Donaricocalifornia
A2S1-0082Rev 01-278UnknownUnknown
A2S1-009201-294Jimmy GrewalDubai, United Arab Emirates
Ventless case, all original components, working.
A2S1-0097Rev 01-299Geoff Harrison
Owned since 1977. http://www.solivant.com/appleII/
A2S1-0101Rev 01-303Howie
A2S1-0148Rev 01-356unknownunknown
Non-Vented case, sold on eBay 7/30/13 http://www.ebay.com/itm/261251962786
A2S1-0297REV0527Musuem of Applied Arts and SciencesSydney, Australia
White ceramic CPU, Original silver power supply serial A2M001- 0141.
A2S1-0369Rev 0623DogicKansas, USA
A2S1-04460689Alex BushShepherd, MI
Was given to me by my neighbor, who worked in Engineering at Central Michigan University. He got it from a friend who owed him some money back in the late '70s, early '80s. It was originally purchased on September 30th, 1977 by Dr. Russel Morey at Team Electronics in Macomb, IL for $1,257.10. (I retained the original store copy of the sale in the brown carry bag the computer came in.)
A2S1-0463Rev 0714unknownunknown
Seen online.
A2S1-5020720Adrian FranulovichSydney, Australia
In Box. Original Roms, PSU, MLB. PSU SN 369 with original toggle switch.
A2S1-0595Rev 0859Bruce Damer (Digibarn)
Donated by Mike Olson (was his fathers) http://www.digibarn.com/collections/systems/appleII/
A2S1-0684rev-02618The Apple MuseumUtrecht, the Netherlands
A2S1-073401007Poppa GordCanada
Original silver power supply serial A2M001- 0594
https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/v1079780477 Japanese kana keyboard
A2S1-086801139Sander SchramThe Netherlands
See classiccomputershop.com for all details.
A2S1-0882rev 16526Jesper AlsedSweden
Cracked case. Motherboard not original.
A2S1-0900Rev 01174Garry KitchenSan Francisco Bay Area
A2S1-090501179Timothy ColegroveBoston, MA
Original power supply, rev. 0 board, Applesoft ROMs. Functional.
This was lost years ago in storage accident.
A2S1-110401384Timothy ColegroveBoston, MA
Light green slots, original integer ROMs, original power supply, keyboard, and box.
A2S1-1144Rev 01437Michael NGHong Kong
old style power supply with toggle switch
A2S1-11951478vtgearheadVermont, USA
Not about to pull CPU
A2S1-121801501Larry PellPhoenix, Arizona
A2S1-1298Rev 01579unknownunknown
Seen online. Metal toggle power supply switch.
A2S1-147201742Bill W.US, WA
Metal toggle switch power supply
A2S1-149101760Jennifer P.Atlanta, GA
Has original metal toggle switch power supply, power supply A2M001-1616.
A2S1-1510Rev 01779unknownunknown
Seen online. Water damaged, replaced keyboard.
A2S1-1835Rev 02105unknownunknown
Seen online.
A2S1-18922162Matt EschbachSeattle, WA
Green expansion slots with Modified power supply (also have original) along with "SUP R MOD II" tv interface. Bought at an auction with original manuals and software - along with
A2S1-1916Garrett MeiersWisconsin
OtherA2S1-1962Rev 02234unknownunknown
Seen online. Has been sold on eBay at least 3 times in last 12 months. Missing power light key cap.
A2S1-2006Rev 02278Tony Bogan - Former OwnerUS
Went to a good home in the US!!
A2S1-22482521Gary FooteMaine, USA
A2S1-2364820-0001-018260Frank ConfortiPennsylvania, PA
I bought it in 1977. At the time the case, powersupply and keyboard were backlogged about 4 months so I used the motherboard leaning up against my desk wall. I still own it. Many mods including addition of a fan because it overheated! All 8 slots were filled including a rare RGB-NTSC board that drove a CAT Scan Sony monitor for many years. I turned it on recently and was surprised it beeped!
A2S1-2410Rev 02688unknownunknown
Seen online.
A2S1-260819772886Dominik StepanAustria
A2S1-2696Rev 02974UnknownSeen on eBay
Power supply replaced sometime in the 80's.
A2S1-2733Rev. 03011Baril / LessardQuebec, Canada
All is original with silver power supply serial A2M001-2876
A2S1-309903388Seen on eBay
Seen on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Very-Early-Release-Apple-II-Vintage-Computer/153150335981
A2S1-3283Rev 05578Tony Bogan - Former OwnerUS
This was my older brothers bought new in 1978. A year later he went to college and it became mine!! It too has moved on to a good home.
A2S1-335803651Jennifer P.Atlanta, GA
All original, unmodified.
A2S1-34653759A. GawUnited States
The early Apple II Rev 0 Cover Badge you show is not accurate. Let me know if you want a JPG from mine.
A2S1-35053799Andy McFaddenCalifornia, USA
Power supply serial A2M001-3655
A2S1-3929Rev 04224Neil ThayerConnecticut
A2S1-426273881Devan GOklahoma
Original A2M001-4416 Power Supply, replacement keyboard and Rev7 Motherboard at some point.
A2S1-429204588Larry PellPhoenix, Arizona
A2S1-4714Rev. 04880Douglas WardBeebe, Arkansas, USA
Board 4880 contains extra wiring based on an article by Steve Wozniak in Byte magazine about how to add two new colors to the high-resolution graphics.
A2S1-4743Larry PerkinsNorton Ohio
Purchased June 24 1978 Donated to Stark State College in North Canton Oh. Memory board and new power supply installed.
A2S1-497605151Larry PellPhoenix, Arizona
A2S1-502505206Mike MaginnisDenver, CO, USA
Currently non-functional. Also has a very early Disk II controller and Disk II Drive serial # A2M0003-00562.
A2S1-550005796Jonathan HuntWestport, MA
All original roms, upgraded ram. Original PS SN 5666. Originally purchased by Intertec Data Systems.
A2S1-5807Rev 06118Nathan SlingerlandSeattle, WA USA
Original integer ROMs. Upgraded RAM from 16KB. Original PSU A2M001-5996 dated July 22, 1978.
A2S1-6311Rev 16298Jennifer P.Atlanta, GA
PSU replaced. All chips date correct.
A2S1-7088Rev.17089Paco MolinerMadrid, Spain
Applesoft ROMS, PSU Silver # A2M001 - 7943
A2S1-75007935Howard strokesTexas
Date below CPU 1978
A2S1-7745Rev.017756Paco M GSpain EU
PSU A2M001 Silver/ Autostart ROM/ Applesoft
a2s1-07840unkn7848Brad RNew York
Keyboard usb converted funduino
A2S1-78407848EBay SaleUnited States
EBay Auction https://www.ebay.com/itm/255722075102?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=Kmo6-c-dTre&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=pqOryprLTua&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
A2S1-8121REV 18128cheribly98851
A2S1-8226Rev.018233Paco MGSpain EU
PSU A2M001 Silver/ Integer Basic/ No Autostart ROM
A2S1-83657839UnknownUnited States
A2S1-8423Rev.17839Paco MMacao
Power supply A2M030, Corrected keyboard and 78s Applesoft ROMS.
A2S1-8464820-0001-0178-39VernonNew Zealannd
A2S1-89197841Roland GSan Mateo, CA
A2S1-9214820-0001-017842Paul WeaverWilmington, DE, USA
Model A2M001. Came with leatherette carrying case and two paddles. Purchased 25 OCT 78 at Compushop 18929 North Central, Dallas, TX 75243
A2S1-9585820-0001-027843Keith RoseOhio
A2S1-9616ROM 1Michael SchafferChicago
A2S1-9706820-0001-017843Timothy ColegroveBoston, MA
Original keyboard, silver A2M001-11090 power supply.
A2S1-990427843Jorma HonkanenFinland
A2S1-11016Rev. 37846Seen on EBayUnited States
Power supply 11701
A2S1-11181rev 27847Jesper AlsedSweden
Most chips are soldered onto the motherboard.
A2S1-11182rev 37847Jesper AlsedSweden
This one has rev3 while my serial 11181 has rev 2.
A2S1-11289rev 37848Jesper AlsedSweden
PSU 11894
A2S1-11472820-0001-027848Michael MCalifornia, USA
A2S1-12167??Rob CarnegieVancouver BC Canada
A2S1-12458Garrett MeiersWisconsin
A2S1-12989Rev 44Unknown
Not original motherboard. Motherboard serial is just "4"
A2S1-13176820-0001-037849Dave EvansSilicon Valley
A2S1-13249820-0001-037849unknownUnited States
A2S1-13319820-0001-037850Guy GloverVirginia U.S.
Was approved for use on U.S.S. John F. Kennedy CV-67 on 22 March 1979.
A2S1-1481537902Adrian TilleyBrisbane, Australia.
A2S1-15048rev 37905Jesper AlsedSweden
A2S1-15305Gene DeryMission Viejo, CA, USA
A2S1-15505rev 37911Jesper AlsedSweden
A2S1-15564820-0001-037903John HanIL
A2S1-16638820-0001-037904Atsushi USHIRODAJapan
A2S1-16784-048068Randolph ByrnesPittsburgh, PA
Pictures listed in my computer museum at: www.myoldcomputers.com
A2S1-16797Rev 027904Brad HCanada
Has Japanese characters on keys.
A2S1-1698137905Leif SawyerAnchorage, AK
Currently non-working; need replacement ROM chips
A2S1-17385Rev 37906Jennifer P.Atlanta, GA
Original box, ROM card with appropriately dated ROMs.
A2S1-18726820-0001-02 (Rev 2)7907Santek TihomirCroatia
All original parts inside except the power supply that has been changed in the meantime.
A2S1-20620820-0001-037909Lynn Markley IIColorado Springs, CO
A2S1-2104547909william G.N.Y USA
power supply serial #: A2M001-34149
A2S1-212737909Jimmy GrewalDubai, United Arab Emirates
A2S1-21911820-0001-037910Daniel LeverettAtlanta, Georgia, USA
Power Supply : A2M001-18750. Second owner?
A2S1-22303820-0001-0037911Jim PerryFort Worth, TX
A2S1-23550037913Eric JohansonNew Hampshire, USA
Fully functional, silver PSU #38611, original integer ROMS.
A2S1-24456820-0001-047917Eric LParis, France
First owner. Original ROMs have been swaped for Autostart F8 ROM and Applesoft ROM. PSU : ASTEC BP4351 110/230 V
A2S1-24703820-0001-037915Boyd B.Texas
Original and only owner.
A2S1-24884Rev 47925Joel McWilliamsTexas
A2M001 PSU, Integer ROMs
A2S1-25422820-0001-037916MarkOAlbany, Oregon USA
Case Serial Number, Power Supply Serial Number and Board Serial/Batch Number seem ALL Original, compared with similar era units. Has Astec 115/230 VAC Power Supply, with Apple Label A2M001 - 35828, with the 001 overwritten in Sharpie with 030. A2M030 is the part number of 115/230 VAC Power Supplies.
A2S1-256238044Huxley DunsanyCalifornia
Very interesting machine! Has a handwritten date sticker in the rear-left of the motherboard reading "8044," and a small modification in the form of a tiny toggle-switch mounted in one of the underside air vents, which appears to be a mute switch for the internal speaker
A2S1-26143Rev 47933Joel McWilliamsTexas
A2M001 PSU, Integer ROMs
A2S1-26354820-0001-037913Lukas HUpper Austria
Perfekt condition, working,
A2S1-2759047920Dean ClaxtonBrisbane, Australia
Integer Basic ROM's, Autostart F8 on 16k language card
A2S1-316867930Robert CherubiniPA, USA
Board Revision location? Unit power light comes on when switched on. Have not yet connected it to a monitor.
A2S1-33414Rev 45082BitHistory.orgAppleton, WI
A2S1-33606Rev 47935Matthew E. D'AsaroSeattle, WA
I bought it on eBay in 12/2020. According to the seller it was found at an estate sale near Gardner, Massachusetts. It has the original silver power supply, original motherboard, original keyboard, etc, but has been upgraded to Applesoft ROMS. I am looking for original integer ROMS to put it back to stock configuration. The marking on the motherboard is interesting in that it has the usual date code ("7935" in this case) applied with a stamp instead of a pen, but then below that the numeral "4" is written with pen.
A2S1-3363047938Paul HagstromBoston, MA
Kind of guessing on power light style, since it's loose.
A2S1-35245820-0001-047941Ed MoranaLivermore, CA
A2S1-36222REV7945Ken GladstoneVentura County, CA
The board number actually appears to be "7945+". Also, "REV" is clearly visible as embedded board trace routing, but whatever is after the word "REV" is hidden under one of the expansion slots. On the opposite site of the CPU, white silkscreen says"6502" (the chip), and "Apple Computer Inc."
A2S1-36541Rev 47943Tony Bogan - Former OwnerUS
There is an X below the Mobo datecode. This now resides with a happy Apple II collector!
A2S1-376075488242David ClarkBrookline, MA USA
I'm assuming that the Board Revision number is the black stamped 548 on a rectangular white patch of the motherboard above the expansion slots. It's preceded by 606-X.
A2S1-38495Rev 047949Brad HCanada
Not the original board but believed to be correct based on serial number.
A2S1-387257949Wiroonsak PoonlarpThailand
A2S1-394618004Pete RittwageAugusta, GA, USA
Has University of North Carolina property/inventory sticker.
A2S1-39751Originally Maurice PiroumianWoodstock, Georgia
Found at estate sale and previously owned by Maurice Piroumian, an electrical engineer for NASA's Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory who worked on the Ranger and Mariner projects. He later worked for Hughes Aircraft Company
A2S1-39988820 0001 048005Chuck BentonNobleboro, ME
Used to develop source code for Softporn Adventure. Online System's Frogger for Atari 800 and C64 and others
A2s1-40209Revision 48005Jay Graham Butler, Pennsylvania
Has Integer BASIC card in it and one 5.25" diskette drive with rainbow cable. I am the second owner and have the original sales receipt from MicrosAge back in 1980
A2S1-62707Rev 4smeared offMick SybalConnecticut, USAA2S1
Integer Roms with 1978 date codes Other ics from 79 mixed
a2s1-65515048020Eric BertrandQuebec, Canada
It have Integer basic romset and 48k ram + a 32K Saturn ram card.
A2S1 -656468020Demetrios BitsasBuffalo NY
Original box with serial number on the box and foam inserts. Included both disk drives and boxes. Purchased at antique mall. Original owner lived in orchard park.
A2S1-6622748023Chris CourtneyIllinois, USA
A2S1-6683878029Paul HagstromBoston, MA
red label style
A2S1-671888031Unknown California
Found on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/394555830484
A2S1--0003rev.0unable to findmitsaras o gigantasilia,greece
imported to greece from america in the air force, currently in my personal museum
a2s2-01511820-0001-047928stefan westrinsweden
A2S2-22521??Eric / The Computera CollectionGatineau, QC, Canada
A2S2-7998578028Paul HagstromBoston, MA
Came with a standard II badge, key-style power light. Somewhat mismatched as received.
A2S2-101011820-0001-017294MarkOAlbany, Oregon USA
Obviously not original Motherboard.
A2S1-3004RFI8114Rob IvyTexas, USA
This Apple II started life as an early Apple II serial #3004, but was "upgraded" to a II Plus sometime around '81. The lid/badge and logic board were exchanged with A2+ parts. This machine is currently being restored to it's original rev 0 Apple II configuration.
A2S1-26480820-0001-037917Arthur FerreiraFrance, Paris
Inherited from its first owner André Finot, a french developer (Apple Lena 1). It has a RF modulator soldered on the motherboard but uses a rarissime ISTC Couleur RVB81 SCART (SECAM) adapter in slot 7 as main video output. The power supply is an ASTEC 115/230V Model AA11040. Seems like an early Apple ][ plus made from an Apple ][ surplus for the European market.
A2S1-2939537923Didier BAUCH (France)
Probably Apple ][ upgraded to Europlus
A2S2-00185Rev.37925Paco MGSpain EU
A2M001 Silver Power Supply, Applesoft ROMS
a2s2-00991Dont have a chip puller7926Brad RNew York
Seems to be first weeks of production of Apple Plus. Has raised power key KB. Don't know if this is was a retro fit KB at some point. Earliest apple II plus I have come across
Early A2 in germany works well i own this Apple over 30 years and works well
Early Rev 4 w/ soldered memory select blocks. A2M001 PS #49558.
A2S2-02200Nathan SlingerlandSeattle, WA
A2S2-4068Rev 47933Tony Bogan - Former OwnerUS
This one has beautiful matching Purple Ceramic gold top RAM and Character ROM
A2S2-046837934Mai ZhouKentucky, USA
Power supply serial # A2M030 - 63874
A2S2-05105820-0001-04fadedEric JacobsCalifornia
Board copyright is 1978; original box shipping date is Sept 10, 1979; CPU date code 7908; all ROMs are date coded for 1978; soldered memory select blocks;
a2s2-5148820-0001-047935Joseph srourbrooklyn ny
soldered memory blocks, all original. Cant get unit to boot into basic stays on APPLE ][ screen help! unit has rev 4 motherboard dated 7935
A2S2-07273Rev 47940Tony Bogan - Current Owner!New Jersey
This one has a cool video mod with a homemade 80 column card. Also, it has a rev 4 board, but with socketed ram select blocks. All other rev 4s I've seen have soldered ram blocks.
A2S2-08139Rev 4unreadableTony Bogan - Former OwnerUS
Went to a good home somewhere in the US
A2S2-8381Rev 47940Tony Bogan - Former OwnerUS
Went to a good home in the USA
A2S2-1008747941Paul HagstromBoston, MA
A2S2-1113448001Paul HagstromBoston, MA
A2S2-12313820-0001-047944Jorma HonkanenFinland
No keyboard. Power supply AA11040. Two wires under the board to slot #7.
A2S2-14909Rev 47946Tony Bogan - Former OwnerUS
Beautiful, near pristine condition with original matching S/N Box and packing. Went to a good home!
A2S2-15435820-0001-047949Arthur FerreiraFrance, Paris
The Motherboard has 2 long wires at the back running from slot 7 to ICs in B10 and B11. PSU model A2M001 with 03 hand written over the 01- serial #54146 - a sticker '230V ONLY' is applied where you usually had the 130/230V switch.
A2S2-16974821-0001-047946Peter RittwageAugusta, GA USA
A2S2-1749748021Mike MaginnisDenver, CO
16K Memory Select Jumper Blocks (soldered)
A2S2-18550Rev 48001Tony Bogan - Former OwnerUS
A2S2-19020820-0001-048024Brad HSquamish, Canada
This one was reconstituted from parts - I put a black slot Rev 04 in it assuming that was probably what it originally had.
A2S2-19087RFI2782Jennifer P.Atlanta, GA
Motherboard replaced at some point in time.
Has the the earlier smaller green on white IIplus sticker
A2S2-19970820-0001-048002Jorma HonkanenFinland
A2S2-24799820-0001-048011Jorma HonkanenFinland
A2S2-25382820-0001-078041Jorma HonkanenFinland
A2S2-26508 820-0001-048016Arthur FerreiraFrance, Paris
Still has slot 7 covered by a sticker telling : "this slot only for euro color pal/secam card do not use for any other card !" PSU serial # A2M0030- 020605 (230V ONLY)
A2S2-6555248001Nathan SlingerlandSeattle, WA USA
A2S2-6850248009William BarnesNashville, TN
A2S2-68890Rev 48010Jennifer P.Atlanta, GA
A2S2- 77501MurrayNew Zealand
A251048 serial a2s2 77501
A2S2-7765648013John LaughlinDuvall, WA, USA
A2S2-835564STEPHEN BROWNOntario, Canada
A2S2-84155RFI - 820-00440-D8518Tony Bogan - Former OwnerUS
MOBO was a replacement from the original.
A2S2-8490448025Lars SchenkGermany
More information and photos can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10208060362860324.1073741841.1636927119&type=1&l=bbc5bb53d7
A2S2-88415820-0001-08030 or 8038 cant tellMick Sybal06776
Unit came with the original books/manuals and brown leatherette apple carry bag, has seen water damage as the books and bag have mildew damage. Books could not be saved. Bag washed out fine, computer was cleaned, board needs a cleaning and there is a missing burned tantalum capacitor. As of now the pc boots to horizontal bars. Will repair when I have time.
A2S2-9576648018Jeff RamseyMorton, WA
The REV4 was stamped into the board above the CPU socket, not underneath the CPU, if that makes any difference.
A2S2-96667820-0001-078034John BonewitzHawai'i
A2S2-102700820-0001-078042Paul WeaverWilmington, DE, USA
Model A2S1032
A2S2-109228RFI - 820-0044-Conly 82 is visibleTony Bogan - Former OwnerUS
Went to a good home!
A2S2-10987478038Paul HagstromBoston, MA
Previous owner was an Engineering Manager at Apple from 1980-1995. Set includes original brown leather bag with "unbit" apple logo, all hardware accessories and over 75 games and programs with most in original packaging and with manuals.
A2S2-1132098142Wayne BibbensElbridge, New York USA
"48K" sticker still on spacebar. Has Language card installed. Still in "new" appearance condition.
A2S2-119321821-0001-078036Peter RittwageAugusta, GA USA
Power light is missing the word "power". It's just blank.
A2S2-121784820-0044-D1682Drumond de MeloMontreal, QC, Canada
Bought in Jan/2023 on ebay, previous location was Waukesha, WI. Had an yellowed tag stating need of repairs. Keyboard still had the 48K sticker on the spacebar. Apparently was stored unused for a long time. Case in good condition. Transistors Q3 and Q6 and all DRAM chips changed, restored to full working condition.
A2S2-125950RFI 820-0044-018106Paul HagstromBoston, MA
D8106 marked
A2S2-151907Rev 78103Mike MaginnisDenver, CO
A2S2-168991820-0044-00lowlevelKitchener, ON CANADA
820-0044-00 under CPU 820-0044-01 on left side of board.
A2S2-1738088114Wil DrukSalt Lake City, Utah
A2S2-178728RFI - 820-0044-018116Tony Bogan - Former OwnerUS
An early RFI Board. Internals in good shape, case a bit marked up.
A2S2-213656RFITrevor GipsonRocklin, CA
I had the motherboard and patent schematic from the back of Apple II Manual professional framed and it hangs in my office. It was all done carefully to preserve the machine and I keep the case and safe and sound at home. :)
A2S2-223385RFI8123Tony Bogan - Former OwnerUS
In extremely good condition
A2S2-233797820-0044-C8131Craig ANew Orleans, LA
A2S2-247248820-0001-078014Jorma HonkanenFinland
A2S2-248883Wayne M.Maryland USA
A2S2-266673820-0044-C8135Chris TorrenceColorado
Board was replaced around 1983; I'm the original owner; came as part of the Apple II Family System
A2S2-2735208127Michael WelchDallas, TX
A2S2-301287820-0044-D5081Arthur FerreiraFrance, Paris
power Supply model 605-5703 serial #825943
A2S2-360723820-0044-C1082Paul WeaverWIlmington, DE
A2S2-371930RFI1282Paul HagstromBoston, MA
My photos aren't great, not 100% certain of board date or specific RFI revision.
A2S2-389734Jacob JUsa
A2S2-401502820-0044-C8218Philippe Van LieuRoseville, CA
Still working fine after all these years!
A2S2-412783RFI -D1782Paul HagstromBoston, MA
A2S2-417534RFI -D1982Paul HagstromBoston, MA
A2S2- 434940RFI 820-0044-D1782Paco MGMadrid, Spain
A2S2-436776GaniNC, USA
A2S2-459992RFI -D2882Paul HagstromBoston, MA
A2S2-472404?3682Andrew E.Texas
A2S2-542439RFI4682Paul HagstromBoston, MA
A2S2-556144820-0044-D0283Logan GreerFresno, California
It’s in MINT condition!
A2S2-575950RFI - 820-00440-D8248Mike MaginnisDenver, CO
A2S2-588366820-0044-D0583Brad HSquamish, Canada
A2S2-588978Wayne M.Maryland
A2S2-615450820-0001-078104Peter EggimannSwitzerland
A2S2-6194598018John ForbesKent UK
IA2S2-500004820-0044-D8233John ColeAlberta, Canada
A2S1-13359820-0001-037850Didier BFrance
Standard Apple ][ modified in Euromod before Europlus came out. Stickers Euro 16K on spacebar. Later, ROM swapped and upgraded to 48K.
A2S2-2947148005Jorma HonkanenVantaa, Finland
Serial is from Plus, but modified to Europlus. Slot 7 have sticker on side "This Slot Only For Euro Color PAL/SECAM card. Do no use any other card!"
A2S2-33377820-0001-078029Owen BuchetFrance
A2S2-37859820-0001-078033Jorma HonkanenFinland
Apple II+ serial, label is Europlus.
A2S2-38420820-0001-078025Jorma HonkanenFinland
IA2S2-608839820-0044-C8150Jorma HonkanenFinland
IA2S2-610547820-0001-078101Matthias W.Germany
IA2S2-611354820-0001-078103Jorma HonkanenFinland
IA2S2-626529825-0187-00Apple II europlusColor
IA2S2-6428523581Martin SmithTorquay, United Kingdom
IA2S2-655155820-0044-C8127Didier BFrance
IA2S2-655457820-0044-D8301Jorma HonkanenFinland
IA2S2-6810428230Martin SmithTorquay, United Kingdom
IA2S2-6811278134Paul HagstromBoston, MA
photo insufficient to determine revision. RFI likely.
IA2S2-693030820-0044-D8302Jorma HonkanenFinland
IA2S2-715008820-0044-D0183Juha SeppänenFinland
Power light is raised square but the POWER text has probably worn out.
A2S1-103568Hans FrankeBavaria
A2S1-2288048020John M HolmesWichita, Kansas
A2S3-115Rev 47922cheriblyUSA
A2S3-00033747934John HanUSA
A2S3-00043147935Paul HagstromBoston, MA
Originally Peter Olivieri's machine.
Owned by Bell & Howell employee, possibly internal company use or manufacturing prototype. Has silver phono-style jacks on side where dual DIN jacks are typically located. Factory sprayed, not black plastic. 48K silkscreen on badge, and on game ports. Single B&H sticker on underside.
A2S3-1838Rev 47935cheriblyUSA
A2S3-1867Rev 47935cheriblyUSA
A2S3-005842820-0044-C8123Brad HSquamish, Canada
48K with Backpack has Paddle ports in the side.
A2S3-007001820-0044-C8137Paul ABoston, MA
A2S3-007432Don't knownot readableESoCoP European Society for Computer PreservationSwitzerland
A2S3-009040Peter WeilnauPennsylvania
A2S3-9394Rev 78122Jennifer P.Atlanta, GA
Bell & Howell Apple II+
48K with Backpack has Paddle ports in the side.
A2S3-011372820-0044-CD 8127, w/ 27 crossed out, 33 overwritten in red markerBJPNashville
Gold power supply 605-5703, s/n 731511
A2S3-0114728138Paul HagstromBoston, MA
D8138. B&H model 3048D, s/n 1278033. Can't read board revision in photo, probably RFI something.
Backpack & has Paddle ports in the side.
48K with Backpack has Paddle ports in the side.
Backpack has been removed & has Paddle ports in the side.
Backpack & has Paddle ports in the side.
Backpack has been remove & has Paddle ports in the side.
A2S3-027098Michael MCalifornia, USA
A2S3-029600Garrett MeiersWisconsin
Includes backpack.
A2S3-029936820-0044-D2282eBay AuctionUnited States
eBay item, https://www.ebay.com/itm/195284633902?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=Nh4rEQF6SB6&sssrc=2047675&ssuid=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
Backpack with joystick ports on the side.
Audiovisual Backpack & Paddle Ports
a2s3-0345784482David MillerFlorida
A2S3-035776820-0044-D0483 Jorma HonkanenFinland
With backpack
OtherOtherA2S1-12438820-0001-027850T Bradberry Australia
Has no lid or label and hss a replacement keyboard.
OtherOtherA2S2-064820-0037-C8637Collin ShrefflerCentral Indiana
Well for one it’s an Apple IIe Enhanced, I noticed it’s not on here as an option but it’s an apple II nonetheless. Doing some digging about my specific one in a word processor I found with it, it originally was used in a metalworks-type company, just as a standard office computer for I assume a receptionist or some standard employee, the last dates being in 1985, but it’s strange because this one was dated to 1986, so either this replaced the machine the program was originally used with, or the two things are completely unrelated. Regardless, the company was based in Lake county Ohio, which is strange considering it made its way all the way to Indianapolis. It currently has the Apple Ramworks II card installed in it, as well as your standard super serial, printer, and floppy disk controller cards. I only got it recently and it’s my first Apple II, so I’m still getting software for it and learning how to use BASIC, but I’ve had very little trouble with it so far.
A2S2-128Stephen CooperArkansas, USA
A2S2-149716548050Paul HagstromBoston, MA
Serial number is not a typo: A2S2-1497165. Came with a clear acrylic lid, so no badge.
The "Commander" badge with Backpack & has Paddle ports in the side.
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