'new USB adapter xub1541'
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Date: Thu, Mar 20th, 2008 @ 02:58 ( . )

On 03/19/2008 @ 17:37, Womo wrote :
On 03/18/2008 @ 15:49, Nate wrote :
: I am now experimenting with a prototype board that will support mnib and be a lot cheaper.

: woahah, hey, Nate,
: you already gave us some hints then and there, but this sounds very promising. Well, Spiro always wanted to add an 8K RAM with SPI interface. Although I found such a chip recently, it is not generally available. With only adding such a chip to the programming interface (MOSI, MISO and SCK), extending the existing xu1541 would be super easy.

I don't like SPI since it's slow and an external, expensive part.

: I, on the other hand, prefer the "integrated way", selecting a microcontroller that is fast enough to do the parallel burst protocol without buffering.

Yes, that is my approach.

: The relatively new Atmel AT90USBxxxx chips would be fast enough and more or less compatible to existing firmware source. With Atmel's USBKey there is a cheap development board available...

Yes, I'm using an AT90USBxxx and the MyUSB library. It provides a nice wrapper around the built-in "DMA" for USB transfers. We only need to hit 40 KB/s (5000 xfers/s) to match a 300 RPM drive. Should be no problem.

The only question is how small we can break the transfers down so the cheapest part will work. I will get it operational with the highest performance part and then see how to cost reduce.

: There are more solutions thinkable and I'm curious what your's is looking like. Don't you want to post some pictures?

I'm using the AT90USBKEY demo board for prototyping.

Some things have come up with work so I won't be able to do more on this until April. But I wanted to let you two know my direction.

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