'FDI imaging'
Author:Vincent Joguin (guest: search)
Date: Tue, Feb 01st, 2005 @ 11:19 ( . )

Hey Pete!

> I have a registered version, but it doesn't work
> on any of my PC's.

You need a PCI parallel port card for it to work, especially with C64 disks. One of the best I have found is the one from Lindy ( [link] But you can buy any card based on the SUN1888 chip that may be available easily in your country. Cards based on the Netmos chip are significantly slower, but seem to be compatible with more computers. Cards based on the Oxford chip are also very good. They are more compatible than SUN1888 cards, and only slightly slower.

> I would need to dig out an old
> 486 and try it.

No need to even try running Disk2FDI on a 486.
The cable part of Disk2FDI does not run on anything below a Pentium processor (it also doesn't run on an old Cyrix/IBM processor, but runs on AMD processors).

> It would then have to be
> converted to a G64 from the FDI file, I
> suppose.

That's a possibility, although direct FDI support would be more powerful, allowing for more (mostly all) games to work.


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