'dongle emulation in vice'
Author:Marco van den Heuvel (guest: search)
Date: Thu, Mar 10th, 2016 @ 16:19 ( . )

Hiya all,

Progress of VICE has come to the point where all the hardware ports access has been made easier/more flexible and things previously not possible are now becoming possible.

A few days ago I added emulation of the access tape dongle (actually a generic sense line asserting dongle) to the current trunk of VICE, which now makes games that use that dongle usable/playable in VICE without needing any changes/patches to the game.

I want to implement more dongles, so if any-1 has information (or wants to write some code that does what the dongle normally does) it will be added to VICE.

Thanks in advance.

Signed, Marco van den Heuvel.

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