'Personal disks.. best way to preserve?'
Author:Doug A (guest: search)
Date: Sat, Nov 23rd, 2013 @ 17:18 ( . )

I have a small number of disks that I used when I was young and first starting to program. It would be neat to see if there is anything recoverable from these, as they hold many memories for me. What's the best way to proceed? From what I've read, I'm thinking a 1541 off ebay plus Zoomfloppy might do the trick. I'm just not sure if it would be worth it since they may all be unreadable. Most disks are from 1988-1992, but I did make copies of some of them around 2000.

I had a decent collection of commercial software, but I think I threw most of those out. Thanks for any ideas!

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'Personal disks.. best way to preserve?'
Author:Pete Rittwage (registered user: 558 posts )
Date: Sun, Nov 24th, 2013 @ 11:19 ( . )

Hi Doug,

Yes if you want to transfer yourself, a working drive and ZoomFloppy is all you need for non-copy-protected disks.


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'Personal disks.. best way to preserve?'
Author:indiehouse (registered user: 9 posts )
Date: Wed, Feb 12th, 2014 @ 07:11 ( . )

I have just recently gotten on board with the workflow Pete has suggested. I found my personal disks and programs to be in great shape. Mind you, most of the disks that I mastered to were brand new at the time. Best of luck to you!

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