'bye bye 1541'
Author:Ghost Nibbler (guest: search)
Date: Sat, Sep 28th, 2013 @ 01:15 ( . )

On 10/11/2010 @ 07:20, hyper active wrote :
Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, my 1541 drive suddenly decided to give up the ghost about an hour ago, the latch just suddenly came loose and now it's like a useless toy. Hopefully my computer guy might be able to work another miracle by fixing it. If he can't, well.. Let's cross that bridge when we get to it.
: It's a bit of a shame because I was just on the verge of getting Acro jet working too. Previously I wasn't able to get it to load past track 21, but changing the skew to 1 fixed it, and I was able to load it further and make it to track 29.

Could you at last nibble AcroJet?

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'bye bye 1541'
Author:hyper active (registered user: 296 posts )
Date: Tue, Oct 15th, 2013 @ 01:09 ( . )

Yes, a copy of AcroJet arrived from the UK last week, it's all good now.
Why? do you want me to send you a copy?

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