'Disk Preservation Updates Thread'
Author:JimDrew (registered user: 23 posts )
Date: Wed, Sep 04th, 2013 @ 17:30 ( . )

Stephen = Hyper active

No, not a problem... just a little surprised to see my exact message to Stephen posted:

Stephen wrote:

> Hi again. Can you explain what mainframe actually does when it seeks out track 36?

Sure. The density is set to level 2 (typically used for tracks 18-24) and then loads about 100 bytes of functional code (used later) after finding a data patten. After that, the density switches to density level 4 (typically used for tracks 31-35) and every sector is checked to make sure they are valid. If your emulation does not support multiple densities on a single track (which none of them do), then your image will not work. There are several examples of this, like KwikWrite!, KwikSpell!, several different disk copiers, etc.

Until some emulator allows for the full .g64 format (which allows for every byte being a different density level), there will be no way for emulators to support programs used multiple densities on the same track.

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'Disk Preservation Updates Thread'
Author:Pete Rittwage (registered user: 558 posts )
Date: Wed, Sep 04th, 2013 @ 20:07 ( . )

Thanks- I'll credit you for the protection info.

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