'NIBTools build 587'
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Date: Sat, May 25th, 2013 @ 10:41 ( . )

Hello friends,

I have put up the latest binaries with a number of fixes from the last months.

All the tools now mostly deal with half-tracks natively, so it is no longer a special case. You may see them when converting to/from G64, but if they are unformatted they will not take up space in the image.

This allows games with half-tracks to work in newer versions of VICE. In the past, VICE (<2.3) ignored half-tracks and just didn't increment the data buffer, so track 34 = track 34.5. Since the SPS fixes, it works like it does on a real drive now (well, without the crosstalk) so previously converted fat-protected games may not load. You can reconvert your files with -F(x) to fix this. That command will take track number 'x' and create a 3-track wide fat track from track 'x', which will allow the protection to pass in newer emulators. This does not allow you to write a fat track with a real 1541 drive, as that is impossible. You can get lucky sometimes where the crosstalk is enough to pass, but it is rare, even with IHS.

nibconv now creates "standard" G64 files, which can have a different maximum track lengths, speed zones, and missing (unformatted) tracks. In the past, the files were created to work with older versions of VICE (pre-2.3) that did not allow anything except hard-coded files that were exactly 42/84 tracks of 7928 bytes. Newer versions of VICE have fixed this, so this has been corrected.

Also, it is possible on certain types of protected tracks that a cycle will not be detected. In this case nibconv would just cram as much of the track as it could in the 7928 bytes it was allowed. Since newer versions of VICE calculate the density based on the track size, this can break certain protections. To avoid this, you can use the -Cxxx switch when converting, where 'xxx' is the RPM of the drive motor to simulate. Standard is 300, which will truncate any data that could not be written by a 1541 at 300RPM spindle motor, which VICE will detect as the standard density.

You will have to use older versions of nibconv if you still want to use older versions of VICE.


Arnd Menge has added a patch to the drive code to help with USB timeouts on ZoomFloppy when detecting the density on certain types of corrupted tracks. This is incorporated into the main build now.

He has a new method that may be later released with new ZoomFloppy code, which is still under testing.



The DOS version is only for straight, old DOS. (parallel port)
The "OpenCBM5" version is for OpenCBM >= 4.99 (ZoomFloppy)
The "OpenCBM4" version is for OpenCBM 4.0-4.2 (parallel port)
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