'Any Kryoflux experiences made yet'
Author:Nate (guest: search)
Date: Mon, Dec 05th, 2011 @ 10:49 ( . )

I thought the -j flag to nibread did this -- wait for IHS before reading. This should also be done on the 1571. Then you can just use a header bit in .nib to indicate an IHS was active for this read.

Why can't you just make that the default if people use a 1571? That way we can get alignment info, even if it isn't necessary for a given scheme.

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'Any Kryoflux experiences made yet'
Author:Pete Rittwage (registered user: 558 posts )
Date: Mon, Dec 05th, 2011 @ 12:05 ( . )


IHS doesn't work for SRQ in the current ZF release. I think Arnd fixed it with some timing changes, but it didn't make it in your release.

There is a flag set in the NIB file if IHS was used- I think. I'll double check.

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