'Color Me [Mindscape]'
Author:Lord Crass (guest: search)
Date: Tue, Jun 07th, 2011 @ 23:08 ( . )

You're right Pete, this one's pretty intense for a kid's coloring game.

It basically boils down to sync length counting.

1. Track 36 has to be no-sync.

2. For track 37 it looks for a certain sequence of sync marks that have specific lengths and then retrieves 2 bytes following 2 other specific sync marks.

3. For track 38 it looks for a specific length sync mark followed by a $72 byte, skips the next sync mark and byte following it, then skips $800 bytes and reads in 15 bytes.

The flurry of head movement after this is just to freak you out, it doesn't actually do anything.

Some text in protection:


If you give the protection what it's looking for, the game works properly. This protection is also reproducible, the image just needs to have the sync lengths modified on tracks 37/38 to match what the protection is looking for. This should then remaster properly as well.

Once again, all this effort put into a protection scheme and they don't even give you a fast loader. Bums.

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