'Vice 2.3 and illegal GCR/syncs'
Author:Lord Crass (guest: search)
Date: Fri, Apr 15th, 2011 @ 20:06 ( . )

Well, nibconv without the -f flag didn't set any of the bad GCR to $00 bytes, but after I changed a run of the bytes in the track gap to $00, the image did load correctly.

So it's not a bug, it's accurate emulation of a flawed device! Kudos, Vice team.

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'Vice 2.3 and illegal GCR/syncs'
Author:J Achernar (registered user: 36 posts )
Date: Fri, Apr 15th, 2011 @ 23:22 ( . )

Concerning VICE 2.3 x64sc, I have found that a number of titles (including ones that are not copy protected) do not work unless the 6526A (new) CIAs are selected. Does anyone know why this is the case? 2.3 is also a lot pickier with my pirate slayer titles. Pete, thanks for adding the automatic bit rotation to the -pp switch!

I haven't tried to compare the behavior of the 2.3 x64 vs. the x64sc.

I still have one non copy protected title, BI's Cal-Kit, that works with CCS64, but not VICE.

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