'Batteries Included dongle protection'
Author:J Achernar (registered user: 36 posts )
Date: Sat, Dec 18th, 2010 @ 12:44 ( . )

I was surprised how complex the copy protection was for Paperclip64. The program is copyright 1982 and the specific date for Version 64D is March 29, 1984. I didn’t think that encryption was commonly used for several more years.

For the other dongle I have from them, The New Consultant, the dongle protection is much simpler. It is simply one bit being toggled on and off. I am still working on this one and will post the details when I am finished, but it will probably be a while till I finish the write up.

I have no idea what the mystery dongle could be. The Batteries Included dongles are grey plastic with no pass-through and are clearly labeled with the program name molded into the plastic. The version of OCP Advanced Art Studio that I have uses look up the word in the manual protection. The slanted exclamation point that is described sounds familiar (possibly part of a company logo), but I can’t place it.

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'Batteries Included dongle protection'
Author:hyper active (registered user: 296 posts )
Date: Mon, Dec 20th, 2010 @ 20:40 ( . )

My friend had a version of paperclip 64 that was dated some time in 1985, and there was no copy protection and no dongle or anything.
I've no idea if he still has it though.

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