'More >0.8.0 woes'
Author:J Achernar (registered user: 36 posts )
Date: Wed, Jul 28th, 2010 @ 20:00 ( . )

I am still a new user on Nibtools, so please bear with me. I had previously downloaded v7.0. After getting the parallel interface working I made a few scans and then downloaded v8.5. The "Paul Whitehead" images I submitted were made with v7.0.

I scanned my originals and backups (for comparison) of "Guide to Chess Openings" using v8.5 (to be submitted in a few days after I finish with verification and documentation). I could never get a good scan of the side 1 original. Several attempts returned different results. It then scanned perfectly under v7.0.

I tried a few other disks and contined to get bad results with v8.5. I will give v8.6 a quick try and then email you some results.

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