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On 07/17/2006 @ 15:09, bluebird wrote :
I can remember a nice little graphics program called the Graphics Transformer that had some UN-COPYABLE protection, there was no way to make a duplicate with out using a capture cartridge, strange, once the program loaded, it never used the protected tracks again, it was also the Fastest loading program around, at least it stepped the head in the drive very very fast, maybe there was 50% sync %50 data but I never ran across this prg since then, Been looking to play with an original disk again, but no luck. Have any of you experienced this program ??

This followup is extremely late but...

I had (maybe still have?) a copy of Graphics Transformer and agree with you that it stepped the tracks faster than anything else (V-MAX, Rapidlock, etc). In the usenet discussion with Harald Seeley some years ago I asked him about that actually. Haven't analyzed the protection but I remember copying it successfully using Burst Nibbler.

The other weird thing about GT is that I had a 1541 that would NOT load it - would crash while loading, and it wasn't head alignment or anything. After much experimentation replacing the 6502 in the drive fixed it. I dunno what the loader code was doing, but this particular 6502 didn't like it (I'm guessing either illegal opcodes or maybe the 6502 in that drive was very old and didn't have the ROR instruction - according to "Programming the 6502" (Rodnay Zaks) old 6502s may not have ROR implemented).

I also remember Kracker Jax having a parameter for GT that require a capture cartridge (ISEPIC?) and then patching the captured program in memory. I guess maybe the program in memory used to communicate with the drive to see if the custom drive code was still there to foil snapshot type cartridges.

The problem with this crack was there was another part of the program (GEOS converter or something) that would subsequently load from disk so this technique wouldn't give you a 100% backup (unless of course you didn't mind the missing functionality).

But the real question is how come I can remember obscure 20 year old information like this but can never find my car keys?!


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