'USB to DB25 adaptors'
Author:Joe Smith (guest: search)
Date: Mon, Mar 03rd, 2008 @ 14:51 ( . )

I had a old 486 MB, that I had to burn MR.BIOS onto it to get the PP to work with a XM1541 cable, so I could use Star Commander, I since upgraded it to a XMP1541 so that MNIB would work, I had to add the four diodes and rework a few of the wires, but I had a old tower case, so I took the guts out of a 1541 and mounted the drive in the top bay, and then mounted the circuit board in the top of the tower it had room, and I took out both regulators and jumpered them and wired it into the PC's PS, nice setup running WIN98SE, and I use MNIB for DOS works great !!

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--* USB to DB25 adaptors
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