'USB to DB25 adaptors'
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Date: Sun, Mar 02nd, 2008 @ 04:27 ( . )

Thanks for the info Pete; I guess I won't waste my money on an adapter. I have some old PC parts lying around so I guess I'll throw them together and build a temporary PC so I can rip all my original C64 disks. I have between 100-150 originals. When I'm done I'll let you know so you can let me know how to get them to you.

So far I've tried about 15 disks and they all worked except one, which was Gauntlet. It has VMAX! protection. I'm going to clean the drive heads and hopefully I'll be able to get it to read by the time I start ripping the disks. I don't know how accurate Vorpal is, but Vorpal (original disk) says my drives alignment is good, which I expected.

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