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I have applied parameters to the later EA stuff and that seems to get them to load in VICE. So it sounds like I am going to have to play with the speed of my 1541 to get the Vorpal stuff to work and am pretty much SOL on the Rapidlok stuff. I actually cracked a Rapidlok title "Heat Wave - Accolade" (still have my hacked version of the disk) years ago and have vague memories of what I exactly did. I think I would let it load from the original to a point then freeze it using a Super Snapshot V5. This way the drive code was loaded into the 1541 and had passed the protection check. I think I then unplugged the serial port from the drive, reset the computer, plugged back in the serial cable (not very smart with the drive and computer both being on). I then was able to get (can't remeber which tool I used) the start and end addresses of the files on the disk. I would then load a file on the disk into the SSV5 built in ML monitor using the start and end address. Reset the drive (not the computer), then save that file back to a normally formatted disk. I then repeated the process for each file which I think took quite a while. I then wrote my own loader once all the files were saved to the normally formatted disk. And wala it worked. So I am guessing this title had no actual protection checks in the code itself. Great memories all brought back becuase of this project. Thanks Pete for starting this project otherwise my Commodore stuff would still be collecting dust.

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