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On 10/30/2007 @ 14:29, visualmess wrote :
I have only submitted a few non copy protected images so far but have many Protected disks I would like to submit but I am finding some of my Maverick backed up disks like The Games:Summer Edition and Winter Edition, original rapidlok and later EA titles aren't working when I create the G64 Image using my 1541 with a Burstnibbler and a XEP adapter. I have a feeling the drive speed needs changed but the Originals do load on this drive. I was hoping the 1571 XEP combo might do the trick. I can definately submit the images but not sure if I have anything the project doesn't have yet. If there is someone else out there that has some copy protected titles and doesn't have a Serial/Parallel combo to create the images then the drive would probably better suit them.

I posted in here about Legend of Blacksilver, which uses the same protection as California games, and The Games Winter/Summer Editions. and a few of Epyx's sports titles, also the Loader for LA crackdown uses this. Drive speed is VERY important, I used two drives with ramboard installed into two 1541-II drives, both belt drive mech's so they can be speed adjusted, its a newtronic mech with speed control on the top of the mech, like a brown level 1541 drive. 300rpm on the source drive, and 297.5 or whatever Maverick wants the write drive to be, then I imaged the copy using NIBREAD.EXE and then did a NIBCONV.EXE to a .G64, and with vice, Start vice, and attach the .G64 and then it will load it. If you Autostart it, it will hang, so do a ALT-R and then do a load"*",8,1

Pete also has said many times that Rapidlok titles do not image correctly, its looking for track to track alignment, copies can be made only on REAL equipment, using only a C64 or C128 computer. (thank god all of the rapidlok stuff is all cracked and available all over the internet)

Still playing around with DOTC, I have a sealed copy in a squashed box, maybe I will open it, its not that collectable in a sealed squashed box, maybe its a V2 variety who knows.

Nice work on Vmax compatibility ! Pete, thanks it seems to be able to image almost any Vmax title.

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