Author:Joe Smith (guest: search)
Date: Thu, Oct 25th, 2007 @ 16:15 ( . )

Strange, the 2ksram did indeed fix the Enhancer 2000 drive, it loads almost everything now with 1541-2 dos in it, but strangly it has a problem with Defender of the Crown!, just like Pete had problems getting a good image, when the drive is cold and been turned off for a while it seems to load the original, I can see it just past 18 and do a sync check, that always passes, then the head moves fast toward track 1, well it doesnt seem to always make it to the track it needs, and just sits there, sometimes it moves the head more and some times less, but it always goes to the sync track ,then moves toward track one, strange though,, I did the maverick copy, mine are all V1 DOTC's and even the patched copies do the same, but strangly sometimes it loads all the way up, but usually only when the drive is cold, So I tried freeze spray, and that doesnt change a thing. Put it in a real 1541-2 drive, and it always loads up. The Enhancer 2000 seems to be much much more compatible, it loads Renegade, Alcon, Arkanoid 1+2 3stooges rocket ranger, and almost every EA title (which is the ones it really hated the most) It seems to be fine with Rapid-lok stuff just fine, even with its own dos.
Must be a timing problem, But I guess I was wondering Pete if the Maverick copier is actually reading something from that sync track, usually a patching parameter does not need to read anything from a original to patch a copy, and there are two variants in Maverick V1 and V2 Defender of the crown parameters. Seems to jump to the sync track and read something there, and then write that along with byte patches. And then on side two seems it patchs bytes again. strange, did they do a nibble check on side two at some point ???

I also used the DOTC paramater on Supercard 5.0 , non PLUS version. And it even needs the original disk.

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