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: Once I figured out the framing change, I sort of lost interest, but may gain it again one day. There are only a small handful of games using this protection and we have them all archived and working to my knowledge.

so to make a G64 that works in Winvice, are you saying you do not need to change the drive speed??, you only change the drive speed when you write the image back to a original disk?, what I did was nibread in dos and did the convert to G64 and that does not work in winvice, It shows a load"$",8 and you can do a load"*",8,1 and then the screen blanks out and thats it, nothing else happens, and winvice shows the track on 19, I have true drive emulation with device traps, setup as a 1541, no extra options. I tried both a nibread on a ramboard copy and the master epyx original. so my last question to do a nibread does the drive speed stay at 300 or does that even matter if it was at 297.5 ???

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