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The reframing/processing is only needed when an original disk is converted to a G64, not a Maverick-copied version. The Maverick copied version is essentially the same as the way I process it since it was deduced from disassembling their routine. :)

The images that I use are actually images of the Maverick-copied versions since they were the same and were more easily remastered anyway.

Anyway, what you're doing should work so I don't know why it doesn't for you. Rixa brings up a good point that they will not autoboot on VICE. Also, I haven't tried newer versions of VICE lately- I understand the disk code is going through some changes from version to version with respect to disk rotation emulation.

SuperCard is the only copier that will make a working and still fully-protected copy and does not reframe the image. The process it uses seems simple (autogap) and I've reproduced that mode from the description of it, but I've still not been able to copy that protection without modification.

Once I figured out the framing change, I sort of lost interest, but may gain it again one day. There are only a small handful of games using this protection and we have them all archived and working to my knowledge.

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