'Bounty Bob, PCI LPT port card for Disk2F'
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Date: Sun, Dec 31st, 2006 @ 04:40 ( . )

Hello Pete,

I just discovered this much too old thread. It's about the very first PCI parallel port card that I bought in my life.
To tell the truth I got one before, but it was fairly incompatible so that my IOMega parallel port ZIP drive did not run with it.

Therefore I asked a friedn who got a credit card, if he could order one for from the USA company SIIG. I got a CyberParallel PCI (JJ-P00112-S6) and was very satisfied over years. They delivered cool DOS drivers (initial setup on bootup via AUTOEXEC.BAT) and the thing worked fine for my ZIP drive as well as The Star Commander. I could use it under Windwos NT 4.0 also (ZIP drive).

Currently my SIIG card is located at Spiro to support him in developing support for external LPT port cards into OpenCBM (this does not work yet, PCI IRQs are making some trouble in the DDK hierarchy).

I just saw, that SIIG started producing PCIe LPT port cards!

I always thought that we finally have to give up on LPT ports with newer computers. It seems not! Yeahah! Have a look at:


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