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Last week, Sncboom2k sent me his SCP dump of diskmaker v 1.1 and I successfully wrote it back to disk with supercard pro software and tried it out on my c64 and c128d. on the second machine, I make it all the way to the menu, but it has trouble with the "gotcha" protection check on the higher tracks after selecting a tool to load - the way some of my original games do. Just for experimentation, I also got him to send a nib dump of the program from his original. Then I made a nib dump of my copy and compared the two. They were almost identical. But as expected, both nibs fail to load on winvice sps. It runs all sorts of diabolical checks and tests. This protection seems to have it all. Antidebugging measures, Warped sector headers, long syncs, weak bits and even a fat track composed of nearly all-sync.
Tracks 36 through 40, which are examined after selecting a tool from the title screen are mostly unformatted, except for the odd sprinkle of data here and there.
in fact the data is so sparse, there's no hope of any parallel nibbler detecting anything on these tracks whatsoever, which is exactly what they wanted! Ingenious, eh?
My guess is that some drives had issues with the structure of the higher tracks, so perhaps this is why it was toned down a bit in later versions, but don't quote me on it though.

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