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Hey guys, I just got myself A C64. I just wanted to know if there's any variations of power supplies between different variants of C64.

I'm new to the World of Commodore and got a very good deal. £45 for C64, 1541-II and Cassette Deck. Plus about 100 games, both Cassette and Floppy Disk. With the Original Joystick to play them with! (I also have some Atari Sticks and 9 pin connector controllers too, for those 2 player games)

The only downside to this deal though, I am missing the power pack for the unit. The guy hadn't used it in 10 years or so. Being an older console; I'm fairly confident it will work first time.

I hate to say this, at the age of 20, but they really don't make consoles like they used to.

I just want to know if I can use any Commodore 64 power pack with no negative impacts on my current pride and joy.

Thanks for reading guys. And thanks for doing me a solid in telling me what I need to know.

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