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Date: Sun, Feb 09th, 2014 @ 00:57 ( . )

On 01/30/2014 @ 23:30, indiehouse wrote :
Okay, my parallel connection seems to be working wonderfully with ZoomFloppy.
: Just one thing I'm noticing… so far I have 'nib read' a bunch of disks and they're all showing problems on Track 36 [E2S16]. Is this usual or would it suggest a fault with my hardware (given it's happening at the same place each time).
: Should have some stuff to email through soon. ;-)

Track 36 and above are usually blank, so you can expect some errors there just due to random magnetic flux. Compare a known good, unprotected disk to the one you're concerned about. If both have similar errors on track 36, you can know it's just because it's blank.

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