''Sound Synthesizer' by Laing Marketing'
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Date: Tue, Jul 30th, 2013 @ 12:23 ( . )

Hi all,

Just put my hand on some old memories with this soft called 'Sound Synthesizer'

Syd (Bolton) was kind enough to dump the content of the original disk into a D64 using 'Cat Weasel' controller.

Unfortunately the D64 dumps aren't loadable from my experience (stays at LOADING forever in both VICE and CCS64 with true 1541 emulation.

I'm no expert on C64 restoration, but I wonder, am I at the right place for submiting d64 for experts to peek into ? Syd dumped 5 d64, he told me he had bad blocks on the first couple few, but he managed to have a good one (sound synthesizer-5.d64)

I know Laing Marketing used copy protection on some soft (deflector, robots), so I suspect this, but maybe the image is corrupted somehow.

PS: I have also couple other software to submit soon.

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