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Hi I have a NOT WORKING (nor on real C64) *backup* of X-Out. It goes until the title screen and next ask for the disk :( (as you can see in VICE).
I don't have nibtools or similar, but my real floppy is a (not working) backup, then isn't working also on real C64.
1) the "problem" is on sector 6 of track 18 (weak bits)
2) as here [link] probably you already know it's the "weak bits" problem. Question is: it's possible to create "ex novo" the weak bits as the same way we can create errors on disc, or at least knowing WHAT IS SEARCHING FOR the program (a signature, or what) on that damned sector and create it?
3) but I've read also on that page that uses "rainbow arts v2": on this website (here [link] ) I've read "The programmer for the Rainbow Arts protection has been found by Quader! He has sent us the source for the reading/creating of the later track 18 'bad GCR' protection and is searching for the older sources." then I think it's possible to "fix" my G64 with these info.

At the time I've copied the original (creating this not working copy) using turbonibbler V4. Now, this G64 was created using Zipcode sixpack and WIRELESS tool for transferring the two disks (containing each 3 file in zipcode sixpack) to tape (I've a DC2N but is possible with real tape too), and next converting back to PC and usiing zipcode sixpack on VICE I've created the "protected" G64. I've also Kryoflux and a (not 100% working) drive 5.25" for PC, but I repeat this backup don't work on real C64, I ask only if it's possible to "fix" it using that sources of Rainbow Arts programmer, and where I can find it exactly if they're downloadable.
Thanks and sorry for my English.

1360469320_X-Out (tr.18 sec.6).zip

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