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I have a 1541 drive that has finally died. In the drive, I had the Supercard Plus that I even added the 3 position toggle switch that you had posted wiring instructions on Q-Link that would allow you to have it on, off (for those pesky games that looked for it) and take a Snapshot of the Drives memory. I also had your Utilities Unlimited Digital read out device that would show the Track # and Density of the current disk being read or written to along with the Drive reset, Drive #8-9, and Write Protect Bypass switches. Here is my problem... I want to be able to hook that up to a working drive but no longer have the wiring instructions that came with it. I have taken pictures with a good DSLR camera to try and map the wiring harness to the proper chip location but that has become troublesome since at one time I hot glued those connections so they wouldn't pop off. So Jim, do you happen to have a copy of the instructions for this piece of hardware that you could send me? I can post pictures of the device if you can't remember what it was.

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