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track 36 consists of a long stream of unformatted data, with a small signature near the start of the track.
What nibtools rev 571 seems to have done is to break the signature in half. Half of it has been placed at the beginning of the track and the other half has been stuck on the end of it. When you try and run the software, the loader searches track 36 and obviously expects the signature data to be all in one place and it can't find it all, so you'll then get a crash and a system reset.
It's also detected tracks 18 through 24 at the wrong density. This means that it would require the use of a speed controller for your drive's motor to properly remaster the data. Writing the nibbled image back to disk with the motor running at 300rpm would mean geos would crash when you tried to load it up, because the data on the incorrectly detected tracks has become mangled and corrupted due to truncation.
the old mnib program is able to read and detect tracks 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24 at the right density, and it can also read the signature on track 36, so this means your dumps can be written back to disk without the need for a speed control device.
Here is how mnib interprets the data on track 36

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