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Date: Wed, Sep 19th, 2012 @ 22:25 ( . )

Statistically, you're unlikely to get a working copy of this track without modifying the g64 image before writing it back.

After the header signature, there's a number of dummy pages worth of data that get read in and the checksum is verified for each. The track tends to get read by nibtools so that this signature appears near the end of the track. Vice has no problem with this because it loops back to the beginning of the track data with no break in the data stream.

When you write it back to disk, the end of the track will be the gap, which contains junk. As the loader reads across this, the checksum will fail because this extra data is not expected.

You can fix the image by cutting the bottom part of the track (starting at the header I mentioned in the first email) and pasting it back at the top of the track in the image file. Then when you write it back to disk, none of that data will be interrupted by the gap.

That's the theory, anyway. It's also why it's important to know where the start of the track is, and when to stop writing. Nibtools makes an attempt to find the start, but in cases like this it has no way of knowing, unless this track happens to align with the index hole (have you tried this?)

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