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sorry, I probably didn't explain things clearly enough. In no way did I mean my statements to be misleading.
I just thought it would help if I wrote about my experiences with the zoom floppy to prevent others from running into the same problems that I did.
When remastering some games back to disk with nibwrite, I can align tracks by using the -t switch. Some protections require that some tracks be written out aligned a certain distance apart from each other. btw: I do not have an IHS.
I have been able to successfully write tracks out this way this when using the parallel interface, but it's not been so successful when using the zoom floppy.
Also, for some strange reason, I can't use my zoom floppy straight away, I have to switch the drive on and wait about half an hour for it to "warm up", if I try to use it before that time, I'll get strange errors and the connection to the drive will be all flaky.

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