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Alex, please disregard some of the other information provided on this thread.

The ZoomFloppy can handle protected disks. All you need is the nibread program, included with the binary distribution.

If you are using a 1571, it will work out of the box with nibread and nibwrite. Just use the "-s" flag or the CBMXfer GUI if you don't like the command line.

If you are using a 1541 or compatible drive, you'll need to add a parallel cable between the drive and the ZoomFloppy. This involves opening the drive and inserting it under a socketed chip. It does not mean you need a parallel (printer) port on the PC side. This is a mod between the drive and the ZF.


hyperactive's complaint is not important in 99% of cases. What he's saying is that he wants to write back (not read) an image with special support for an index-hole sensor that you have to solder into your 1541. An IHS is not required to read protected floppies, and is only needed to remaster (write) a small set of them.

In the future, nibtools could be updated to support this with the ZoomFloppy (software-only change) and it would work. So unless you run into this case, don't worry about it.

The Kryoflux is a great device, but it currently barely supports writing at all. So I find it hard to complain about the ZoomFloppy's write support in comparison. Eventually, the KF will be updated to support writing really detailed bits, and it will always be better for that purpose.

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