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I'm currently working on Datel Toolkit IV. It has more protection than reading in sectors on Track 5 with a nonstandard density. It is also counting sync marks.

Code is pretty convoluted with several direct kernal calls on the computer side and direct DOS calls on the drive side so I don't know how or when it crashes if it fails the protection. It's also looking for specific errors (I think) on Track 5. Again using direct DOS calls, which to further muck things up, the calls are usually to the middle of a known routine, not the start of it.

As an interesting side note, after all the protection checking is done, all it does is point to a T/S location that is a normal file chain of blocks for a compiled (with Blitz!) basic program. It's very simple to defeat, just change to pointers on the only file in the directory to point to that file. It loads and runs just fine

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