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Yea that thing is a mass of encryption routines several levels deep. I managed to get it all decrypted and listed out but it was not easy.

Drive code was interesting. It read a block in to the drive buffer at $0300 from the computer side. Later it did a block execute but the beginning of the code only went a few instructions in before returning, not executing the bulk of the rest of the code until I realized what it was doing. The very first instruction checked a memory location in ram for a value and if it was set, it jumped to the main portion of the drive code. Trouble was it was set *after* it was checked so the code as it was would never execute the main routine. What it did was right after that it set up a job with T2 S0, the one with the protection on it, then it used a job code of $E0. This not only set up the track and sector to use, but halted execution of the current routine and restarted it at the beginning. Now when the ram value was checked it was set correctly and it jumped to the main code to do the protection

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