'Tape copy protection'
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Date: Thu, Sep 22nd, 2005 @ 21:08 ( . )

Not sure if you'd consider this "copy protection", but I remember some tapes (Sword of Fargoal was one and perhaps Telengard) could not be run from disc.

They were both written in BASIC, so you could easily copy all the program files to disc. They did something funny with the memory if I recall correctly, which meant you had to "crack" it by changing some values (POKE something into a memory location).

I never really played much with tapes other than those two games. It seems that tapes inherently had built-in copy protection just by design -- serially read, so you couldn't really use a program to copy it. Like Pete said though, a tape-to-tape deck would defeat that easily though. I never had one anyway.

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