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On 11/28/2011 @ 21:49, Pete Rittwage wrote :
Correct- parallel port on the drive and PC is not necessary with ZoomFloppy and 1571. All you need is Zoom and a regular CBM serial cable.

It sounds like you figured it out, but just to clear up what Pete says:

To use nibtools with a 1541, you need to add a parallel port to the drive itself. This allows transferring out bits as the drive head reads them.

To use the old X-style cables, you need a printer port (LPT) on your PC's motherboard. This is because it is fast enough to read the bits streaming back. However, add-on PCI printer cards are not fast enough and will miss data.

Nowadays, USB is plenty fast and you no longer need a printer port on the PC if you get a ZoomFloppy.

The ZF has the added advantage with the 1571 of using the drive's special fast serial mode, which means you don't even need a parallel port in the drive. The X-cables can't use this mode.

So that is the best combo if you want simple and easy imaging -- ZoomFloppy + 1571.

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