'Any Kryoflux experiences made yet'
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Hi All,

1, You can dump the flipside of a disk, if you don't care about the original alignment (e.g. demo, scene, work etc disks) using a fake index signal, that's a very simple circuit. You obviously need to flip the disks though.
For authentic imaging you do need a modified drive that can seek to track -8.
The disk does not have to be flipped, it can be imaged in a single pass automatically.
This is exactly how the games were duplicated in the first place.
This is not a limitation of KryoFlux, it is how PC drives work - the index signal is required to regulate the drive speed, detect that a disk is inserted (after two index signals passed within a period) and enable the output on the READ gate.

2, You may use the existing tool coded for g64 conversion (I don't have or use it, but I am sure the author would be happy to post it), or if there is enough interest I'll add g64 output to the official host software - but right now I have a very busy schedule :)

3, The KryoFlux host software can detect modified c64 disks and fully verify a lot of formats during dumping - and more is being worked on.


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