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Date: Thu, Dec 01st, 2011 @ 18:02 ( . )

Apparently somebody else also did a STREAM to G64 conversion before: [link]

Is there some documentation on the NIB format? Some example files that I've got look like after the $10 bytes header there's a $f0 bytes large table with two-byte entries denoting track number * 2 (I guess any odd number is an half track) and speed zone with some kind of flag ($40?). And then for each stored track $2000 bytes of GCR data.

I've come over one NB2 file which looks similar but is much larger. And NBZ files look like some kind of compression applied to NIB/NB2 data which I don't understand from a quick view.

It seems to make sense to convert KryoFlux stream files to NIB/NB2/NBZ first, then use nibconv to convert them to G64. Once I know one of these formats it shouldn't be a problem to provide a runnable .jar file for converting stream files to that format, at least for fixed speed zone tracks. Anything else can be done later, after we have a good starting point.

Oh, I almost forgot one disadvantage of KryoFlux: Unmodified drives are not able to seek to track -8 and are therefore not capable of dumping flipsides of C64 disks, i.e. the first 4 tracks are always missing and in some cases there's no data stored so it doesn't matter. Not all drives can be modified and not all people can modify drives, me included.

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