'xemag fat tracks on a c128d'
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Date: Mon, Oct 24th, 2011 @ 21:12 ( . )

I believe Vice does support half-tracks. FAT tracks do work from g64 files in Vice. The issue was always imaging them properly. You can simply use a parameter from Fast Hack'em or Maverick inside of vice to recreate the FAT track. Most of these do recreate the protection instead of cracking the check. When you run the parameter, just look at what track Vice seeks out to. If it's 35/35.5/36, then it's not a crack.

The game wouldn't necessarily have to flip back to disk one for a timebomb. It could check the protection on side one at initial load and simply set a flag in memory somewhere. Later it just checks that flag and blows up if it doesn't find what it expects to.

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