'xemag fat tracks on a c128d'
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I am not absolutely sure. My preferred backup program was Copy II 64/128 v4.0, but I also used Fast Hackem v4.1a. I also preferred to use two 1571s, the C128D internal and one external. When I get some time (it will be a while) I will try to copy it again on real hardware and see it I can get it to work.

I started to step through Tass Times using a walkthrough, but the walkthrough was not perfect and I messed up along the way. Maybe later today I will get a chance to finish stepping through it starting from my last save. It takes a while even with a walkthrough. When it starts up, it does move the head to 35.5. WinVICE (x64sc v2.3) does not support half tracks so it is probably sending the program data from track 35. After starting up, the game floppy must be flipped to side two, which is not copy protected. To have a time bomb later in the game, it would have to require that it be flipped back to side one, possibly at the end game.

I used the following WinVICE settings: True Drive Emulation enabled, required; 6567 (NTSC), optional—allows music to play at correct speed; 6526A (new), not sure, but many games don’t work with the 6526 (old) setting.

The D64 image does not work in CCS64 v3.8.

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