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Concerning BASIC-64: both the Abacus version and the similar version Data Becker sold checked for errors on track 35 (or above).

The original disk bumped the head before it started.

The track indicator in VICE shows that there are 2 or 3 attempts to check something on tracks 35 - 40. A soft reset to $FCE2 is executed if nothing is found.

There is a D64 available somewhere on the 'net which demonstrates this. Of course, the error information is missing ;-)

It is a ZIP file with ~26K, the D64 contains 3 files, CRC32 = c4119c85, probably Abacus version 1.0 as it has fewer files than my German 1.02).

Sorry i can't provide more info on the protection.

On 05/20/2011 @ 21:14, J Achernar wrote :
I believe that the database information for several Abacus titles is incorrect. I have submitted four titles, Cadpak-128, Basic-64, Super-C 64 and Super-C 128. For the last three, the database lists the copy protection as none. Actually, they appear to use some sort of custom loaders

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: For Basic-64, from a d64, the boot program loads, the head moves to t35 and then the C64 resets. Using a nibbled g64, the main menu is displayed just afer the head moves to t35. I haven't tried to do anything more with Basic-64 yet.

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