'Using an Amiga to read 1541 disks'
Author:Vincent Joguin (guest: search)
Date: Mon, Aug 01st, 2005 @ 01:08 ( . )

On 07/25/2005 @ 19:56, Pete wrote :
: There have been other suggestions, such as Disk2FDI and Catweasel, but both lack software support to do this. Both can only muster D64's for now.

Pete, Disk2FDI was *not* designed for D64, it was designed primarily to create FDI images (as the name suggests ;-) ) which accurately represent *any* floppy disk possible, C64 or any other machine, protected or not, with just any kind of protection.

As for the Catweasel, I think you're right, and the software is only able to create D64 images...

Please contact me if you need help in setting up a machine to use the Disk2FDI cable. I can also tell you which PCI parallel cards are best for Disk2FDI.

Vincent Joguin.

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