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Let's go back in time to 1988, 20 odd years before nibtools was created..
this protection is actually quite clever. Copies of the game will load and let you select a pilot and mission, but the protection doesn't kick in until you try to start the game on side 2. It just keeps looking for nonexistent gcr bytes which your lame copier missed. and it will keep searching until you insert your original or you power off the machine of course. Obviously the protection is designed to catch out amatures, but a determined cracker would quickly figure out a workaround. Let's assume you are just one of these amatures instead, All you want to do is share the game with your buddy down the road.
OK, so your copy of side 2 doesn't work, time to dig out your original again. After playing the game for a while, You decide to quit the game and try out a different pilot or mission, so it asks you to insert side 1 again. You wait and wait and wait and continue waiting and waiting. You dig out your original again and insert side 1. Looks like the check has been activated for both sides of the disk now. Those who dare to ring up activision and describe these symptoms may be met with a response like this.
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