'Tools to work on g64 et al'
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I don't think 1571's and 1541-II's should be used on some disks to dump with as they don't function exactly the same as an older 1541. Been researching some of the hardware differences, so that vice disk emulation can be re-done lately. I've found that II's and 71's can not read with byte_sync disabled, it simply does not work at all on those drives.

That's the reason some games were released again with changes to the protection so that they would function on those drives. Star Rank Boxing is an excellent example of this, due to the way it checks the syncs and data before and after them.

Lord Crass can explain how these checks work in greater detail than I can at the moment. =]

Reading disks with multiple densities on a track or abnormal densities is just going to be a problem on any drive, the protections which do such stuff need to be analyzed and custom dumping would have to be done for such disks as you know it's a bit hard to auto detect the density reliably.

Also, very much looking forward to the release of G64/NIB editor. I can't wait ;)

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