'Abacus copy protection'
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I believe that the database information for several Abacus titles is incorrect. I have submitted four titles, Cadpak-128, Basic-64, Super-C 64 and Super-C 128. For the last three, the database lists the copy protection as none. Actually, they appear to use some sort of custom loaders.

For the two different versions of Super-C, from a D64 image, they boot into the C environment ok. When any of the three main programs are invoked, CE, E4 and E8, the editor, CC the compiler or CL, the linker, they each first read two blocks (different for each) from t17, move the head to t19, then move the head to the track containing the bulk of the routine (t10 for CC, t15 for CL, t20 for C64 CE and C128 E8, t22 for C128 E4) and hang. They work correctly from a nibbled G64. I haven't tried to dig into the the protection in any detail, but I suspect that they are reading something encoded at the GCR level on t19.

For Basic-64, from a d64, the boot program loads, the head moves to t35 and then the C64 resets. Using a nibbled g64, the main menu is displayed just afer the head moves to t35. I haven't tried to do anything more with Basic-64 yet.

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