'Fairlight Para-protect'
Author:Lord Crass (guest: search)
Date: Fri, May 13th, 2011 @ 20:32 ( . )

Even when you can force it to load the right sector, the data is mostly bad. This sector is corrupted and needs to be re-dumped.

Looking at a few other para-protected games (Galactic Games and Superstar Ice Hockey[PAL]), the on-disk protection is very weak. It relies on you not having a copier that can deal with track 40. These titles even work converted to D64.

The one sector that it does read from track 40 always seems to be sector 14 and does contain data necessary for the program to function (in Galactic Games, the code segment's purpose is to load in the "RECO" file), so this data will differ from game to game. You can't copy a track 40 from one game to another and expect it to work.

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