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Although it is not possible to successfully convert the original express raider nzb file to g64 without any alterations to track 38, It is actually possible to remaster the unpatched signature track 38 on paradroid and express raider, but it is extremely difficult, it needs to be done in 2 passes.
First You need to write out the entire disk at a speed of 299.0x rpm, then write tracks 37 and 38 at a speed of 299.3x rpm using the timed alignment switch "-t". and what's more, you may not always be successful, you just have to keep trying and trying and eventually you'll be able to create a track that will pass the protection check. From what I can gather, each game protected with Heyward's system uses the same signature pattern on t38, the way the early rainbow arts games use the same sync length check method on t36.

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