'V-Max secondary checks'
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Date: Sun, Apr 24th, 2011 @ 23:40 ( . )

Sure, it'd be nice to see someone else's take on the code as I'm sure I've made some mistakes here and there (I used Sinbad as my base for V2). I still have to look at the C64 side of the code, although I'm pretty sure it's mostly the same as V1.

I'm almost done with V3 and V4. Some heavy use/abuse of the stack in that one, but a very nice DOS it is. Simple, elegant, and flexible.

Sidearms is checking the lengths of the sync marks on track 4 and again on track 6. The sync marks on those tracks need to be:

Header block sync: 2B FF FF FF FF FF
Data block sync: AF FF FF FF FF FF

I've disassembled and commented those earlier secondary protections for all titles that had them. Attached is the one for Sidearms. Since this same sync check is used frequently, it's only lightly commented in this particular disassembly. I've documented it more thoroughly on the Defender of the Crown version.


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