'Tools to work on g64 et al'
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Is there any value in adding a density conversion option? Usually if data was read from a real 1541 at the wrong density, it's not very useful since you can no longer guarantee that it conforms to the C= GCR standard. It's possible to have too many 0's come in and clock in a phantom bit, or perhaps read in 10 1's in a row. This would probably be rare, but I think the chance of data corruption is high enough that it's not worth attempting to fix through software.

For the rare disk that does use multiple densities on the same track, it's probably easier to just read it at each density and paste it together after, marking those bytes with the appropriate speed zone, should any program decide to use that data in the future.

Or were you thinking of using this tool for other disk images as well, where the drive used to read the data doesn't have faulty shift registers or issues with reading sync? In that case, it might be useful.

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